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The number of people infected with the new coronavirus has soared in South Korea, It will be make the price of memory rising ?

Publicados :24/02/2020 01:01:03

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South Korean President moon jae-in announced Thursday that the government has raised the alert for a new case of covid-19 pneumonia to the highest level of "serious" and stepped up its response.As of 16:00 on the 23rd, the number of confirmed cases of coronary pneumonia in South Korea has reached 602, with 5 deaths. Most of the confirmed cases are concentrated in daegu and gyeongsang north province.

South Korea now has the highest number of new cases of coronary pneumonia outside China, due to a sudden surge in confirmed cases.

It is understood that the epidemic economic system of the republic of Korea is four levels: concern, attention, vigilance and severity.The last time South Korea raised its pandemic alert to "most severe" in response to the 2009 H1N1 flu outbreak, it could have closed schools and banned activities and gatherings

At present, south Korean enterprises also reported the news of employee suspected infection, among which SK hynix and samsung electronics are the most concerned about the epidemic situation.

SK hynix, the world's second-largest memory-chip maker, said last week that it had quarantined 800 employees last week after learning on Wednesday that one of its new employees had been exposed to a confirmed case of pneumonia and had developed symptoms of pneumonia.But SK hynix stressed that the quarantine incident would not affect plant operations (there are suspected cases of infection, SK hynix emergency isolation of 800 people!)..

Samsung electronics, the world's largest smartphone maker, reported a new case of coronary pneumonia at its facility in kamei, South Korea, on Saturday.In order to prevent the spread of the disease, samsung electronics announced the temporary closure of the factory until 24.

People familiar with the matter said the closure was not expected to have much of an impact on capacity, as it is mainly on weekends.Bloomberg reports that while samsung electronics has shifted half of its smartphone production to Vietnam, the shutdowns could affect supply of samsung's Galaxy Z Flip and Galaxy Fold, as the company is a key manufacturing base for high-end smartphones.

Korea outbreak hits global semiconductor supply?

Although the confirmed cases at samsung occurred in the handset manufacturing line, the two companies have a near-monopoly on more than 70% of the global memory market, including DRAM and NAND Flash.According to TrendForce, South Korea accounts for 73.3% of the global memory market, with samsung electronics accounting for 43.5% and SK hynix second with 29.2%

Some in the market are concerned that the memory industry's near-equilibrium in the fourth quarter of last year could again unbalance supply and demand, with global semiconductor supply chains likely to be severely affected by the south Korean outbreak, which could again trigger price rises and shortages.However, from a global perspective, the need for manpower is low because most semiconductor factories are already highly automated, according to TrendForce.Therefore, in addition to the global systemic risk, otherwise the memory industry manufacturers will not cut production, coupled with the client inventory is still insufficient, even if the downstream customers face the current lack of work/lack of materials, but still maintain a certain purchasing force

In addition, due to the global electronics industry choice, manufacturing in China is not the DRAM and NAND Flash manufacturer factory in China, such as samsung xi 'an factory, SK hynix wuxi factory, YMTC, CXMT, jJHICC etc., the production are not affected, with domestic alternative has been gradually recognized in recent years, therefore, also the industry thinks, the outbreak of the effects of industrial co., LTD

However, from the perspective of location, daegu is the third largest city in South Korea, located in the middle of South Korea, represented by the textile industry.As the center of steel and fiber industry in the world, north gyeongsang province has been driving the development of Korean economy.Kamei city, near the two affected areas, is also known as the "electronics capital", with many industrial bases, such as samsung, LG and other large companies have set up factories there.Under the epidemic, they may have limited influence on the supply of the global industrial chain, but they will inevitably suffer huge impact in the operation, logistics and other links. The entire supply chain needs to work together to overcome the difficulties, in order to overcome the epidemic at the minimum cost!