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Molex acquires Keyssa wireless connector technology

Publicados :13/12/2021 09:47:36

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· The acquisition of Keyssa's technology and intellectual property rights will promote the commercialization and market penetration of non-contact connectors

· Accelerate the development of next-generation non-contact connectors for point-to-point data transmission and get rid of the dependence on mechanical connectors

· Very suitable for supporting high-capacity mobile and consumer electronic devices, as well as industrial, automotive and medical industry applications

· Leverage its world-class millimeter wave antennas, high-speed signal integrity and mass manufacturing expertise to expand Molex's portfolio of miniature connector solutions

Molex, a global electronics industry leader and connection innovator, acquired the core technology and intellectual property (IP) of Keyssa Inc., a pioneer in high-speed contactless connectors. The acquisition of this unique wireless chip-to-chip technology, including more than 350 patent applications, will accelerate the implementation of Molex's strategy, further expand and enrich the micro-connector product portfolio, for near-field, device terminal direct connection applications (D2D) Provide a highly flexible cableless connector.


     Justin Kerr, vice president and general manager of Molex's Micro Solutions Business Unit, said: "Keyssa's wireless chip-to-chip technology complements Molex's development of millimeter wave antenna connections to meet the growing demand for high-speed data transmission. To meet the needs of our mobile and consumer electronics customers, we continue to promote technological advancement, provide greater product design freedom, and at the same time provide support for the next generation of wireless connectivity needs."

Optimize communication between devices

       As mobile and consumer products become smaller, thinner, and smoother, the need for optimized communication between devices is also increasing. At the same time, simplifying the internal communication of mobile devices is equally important, such as the ever-increasing amount of data transfer between displays, cameras, and other key components. In addition to getting rid of the reliance on solid-wire cables or connectors, the acquired technology also eases concerns about pairing and reliability. Fully-encapsulated, dust-proof and waterproof packaging with wide alignment tolerances also enhances the manufacturability of the design.

       Currently, the acquired technology has a data transmission rate of up to 6 Gbps in the 60 GHz frequency band, and there is no interference problem with WiFi or Bluetooth. This kind of micro-miniature, low-power, low-latency solid state contactless connector can solve critical data transmission needs at the lowest cost. Molex plans to increase its current capabilities by supporting higher data rates and full-duplex communications. In addition, Molex will use its long-standing signal integrity expertise and millimeter wave antenna capabilities to accelerate the commercialization of new contactless connectors while supplementing the existing product portfolio.

       Molex will also use the Virtual Pipeline I/O (VPIO) technology developed by Keyssa to solve the problem of low protocol efficiency. By aggregating low-speed and high-speed protocols that are simultaneously transmitted on one or more links, VPIO can help compensate for real-time events that affect the integrity of link performance. The combination of VPIO and non-contact connectors can create scalable and efficient I/O without being restricted by mechanical connectors, and at the same time can be adjusted and scaled according to application requirements.

Strategic investment drives market momentum

       Molex is forming a team of more than 25 engineers in the United States and India to develop next-generation products based on this technology. At the beginning, the focus will be on the unique connection requirements of high-capacity mobile devices. Contactless connectors provide potential advantages in terms of design and manufacturing, serviceability, reliability, signal aggregation, and security. Over time, Molex will use this technology in emerging application areas, including smart factories, advanced automotive safety, medical robots, etc.

       Eric VanAlstyne, Director of Corporate Development, Molex said: "Molex has long been committed to investing in world-class solutions that not only solve current problems for leading mobile and consumer device manufacturers, but also predict their future challenges. The acquisition of Keyssa The decision on technology and intellectual property rights has allowed us to consolidate our position as the preferred supplier through innovations in the mechanical and non-contact connection fields."

Molex consumer and commercial solutions

       Molex has mature expertise in 5G, mmWave, RF, signal integrity, antennas, power supplies, cameras, and display technologies to provide critical connections for the entire mobile device ecosystem. The advantages of precision, mass manufacturing, and miniaturization enable Molex to meet the ever-changing market needs and provide leading mobile device manufacturers and their suppliers with the smallest, densest and most advanced connectors currently available on the market.