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XC3064A-6PC84C Imagem

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Field-Programmable Gate Array, 224 Cell, 84 Pin, Plastic, PLCC

Xilinx, Inc
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XC3064A-6PC84C PDF
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Chips de IC
195 PCS

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XC3064A-6PC84C Detalhes do produto



● Complete line of four related Field Programmable Gate Array product families

   - xc300oA,xC300OL,xC3100A,xC310OL

● ldeal for a wide range of custom visl design tasks

   - Replaces TTL,MSl, and other PLD logic

   - lntegrates complete sub-systems into a single package

   - Avoids the NRE, time delay, and risk of conventional masked gate arrays

● High-performance CMos static memory technology

   - Guaranteed toggle rates of 70 to 370 MHz, logic delays from 7 to 1.5 ns

   - system clock speeds over 85 MHz

   - Low quiescent and active power consumption

● Flexible FPGA architecture

   - Compatible arrays ranging from 1,o00 to 7,500 gate complexity

   - Extensive register, combinatorial, and lo capabilities

   - High fan-out signal distribution, low-skew clock nets

   - lnternal 3-state bus capabilities

   - TTL or CMos input thresholds

   - On-chip crystal oscillator amplifier

● Unlimited reprogrammability

   - Easy design iteration

   - ln-system logic changes

● Extensive packaging options

   - over 20 different packages

   - Plastic and ceramic surface-mount and pin-gridarray packages

   - Thin and very Thin Quad Flat Pack (TQFP and VQFP) options

● Ready for volume production

   - Standard, off-the-shelf product availability

   - 100% factory pre-tested devices

   - Excellent reliability record

● Complete Development System

   - schematic capture, automatic place and route

   - Logic and timing simulation

   - lnteractive design editor for design optimization

   - Timing calculator

   - lnterfaces to popular design environments like Viewlogic,Cadence,Mentor Graphics,and others

Additional XC3100A Features

● Ultra-high-speed FPGA family with six members

   - 50-85 MHz system clock rates

   - 190 to 370 MHz guaranteed flip-flop toggle rates

   - 1.55 to 4.1 ns logic delays

● High-end additional family member in the 22 × 22 CLB array-size xC3195A device

● 8mA output sink current and 8 mA source current

● Maximum power-down and quiescent current is 5 mA

● 100% architecture and pin-out compatible with other XC3000 families

● Software and bitstream compatible with the XC3000, XC3000A, and XC3000L families

  XC3100Acombines the features of the XC3000A and

  XC3100 families:

● Additional interconnect resources for TBUFs and CE inputs

● Error checking of the configuration bitstream

● Soft startup holds all outputs slew-rate limited during initial power-up

● More advanced cMos process

Low-Voltage Versions Available

● Low-voltage devices function at 3.0 - 3.6 v

● XC3000L-Low-voltage versions of XC3000A devices

● XC310OL- Low-voltage versions of XC3100A devices

Request a quote XC3064A-6PC84C at censtry.com. All items are new and original with 180 days warranty! The excellent quality and guaranteed services of XC3064A-6PC84C In Stock for Sale, Check stock quantity and pricing, view product specifications, and order online.
The price and lead time for XC3064A-6PC84C depending on the quantity required, Please send your request to us, Our sales team will provide you price and delivery within 24 hours, We sincerely look forward to cooperating with you.

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    Have the pleasure of dealing with Aaron, John and Rena on a regular basis. Will continue to do business with them knowing that their crew only passes along excellent quality parts. Very much appreciate their efforts. -Evan Wing

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